Driving in Europe: Post-Brexit

Driving in Europe: Post-Brexit

In this blog, we’ll examine all that you wanted to know about number plate law in 2021 post-COVID.

Do you want to drive in a country that’s green-listed? Make sure your car is legal before embarking on any long journeys. If visiting The Balearic Islands for instance (which means anywhere from Ibiza to Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera), then there are some laws which will be important while driving here too!

If planning on arriving with either no ID or an expired license it would also help tremendously if drivers could provide proof of identity such as passport numbers along with their birthdates. Not having these documents does not make one exempt though; they must s$till go through all steps necessary at customs upon arrival since this makes up part 1 of several safety Precautions

Is my UK Driving License Still Valid in the EU after Brexit?

 Yes. Your driving permit is as yet legitimate inside the European Union if you’re from Great Britain, but assuming that you are still just holding a paper-based authorization instead of having an electronic card with photo on it then unfortunately this will have to be replaced by either visiting one country per nation where they issue cards validating their identity (costing £5) or registering for what’s called “a worldwide driver license”. This expense goes over-the

Do I Need a GB Sticker to Drive in the EU?

Many people have asked us at National Numbers this as our specialty is number plate management and that’s one thing we get asked about often. If your car has an EU registration before Brexit occurred, then yes! You’re able to travel without needing extra documentation from UK authorities though some parts may require special permission like on British Overseas Territories such as Gibraltar which will be considered part of Great Britain until December industries arbitration ruling puts them under Spanish control (we don’t know what happens after). But if not – you’ll need either “GB stickers” affixed onto rear license plates where they can read “British Motorist” or “P(UK)”: “EU

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